Monday, November 26, 2007


this weekend was technically a "lazy" weekend. we didn't do much, but for myself i consider it a productive weekend. this summer i started drafting a pattern for a dress. i loved this stella mccartney dress but once i saw it in person i hated the fabric that was used! so i decided to make my own. i found the perfect colour fabric, closer to what i thought was on the runway compared to what showed up in stores.

store version

the neckline looks deeper in the store version, and the colour is totally off to me. i made mine to look more like the runway version with a higher neck and the brilliant cobalt blue. well this weekend i finally made a prototype, made the necessary adjustments to the pattern and cut out and assembled the dress. it's just about finished. except for one thing. i had an accident with a seam ripper and now i need some fray-stop. the tear isn't in a visible location, but i was still upset. everything was going so well until that happened! i will post pictures when it's finished. i really like the way it's turning out and it actually fits me quite well! this may be the first thing that i've sewn that i will actually wear.

also, i got some yarn and a circular knitting needle and have started on my neck-warmer scarf. i've been experimenting with length. i think it's too long so i will have to start over.


tonpetiteoiseau said...

Wow that is so awesome. I love productive weekends like that. I cannot wait to see the final outcome. Also, I'm glad to hear you are knitting, after talking to you about it I was really inspired. I hope to pick up some wool this week.

Stephanie said...

thanks! i can't wait to get the dress done. it's so cold here now I don't think I'll be able to wear it until spring :( i got that wool that you recommended. it's great- such a nice hand and i love that it is 100% wool. it was a bit expensive but it looks great once it's knitted up. i got black. i will post a picture when i'm done! thanks for all your help and inspiration!