Wednesday, November 21, 2007

sveta dresher

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as soon as i saw svetna dresher's knitwear on copycat i fell in love! you can see more of her collection here. i just love the chunkyness of the yarn. i really really want a neckwarmer like the one above. i bet it would be easy to knit, but i wouldn't know the first thing about doing the back part. i guess a just making a tube would work. i am going to buy some knitting needles today.


tonpetiteoiseau said...

Oh I think it is my life's mission to convert others to knitting. :P In all honesty I am glad you are wanting to learn. Hmm, I also quite haven't figured out how to do the back of that cowl hood either.
I did find this pattern however:
all one line.

Stephanie said...

if i use a pattern like that does that mean that in order for it to work i have to use the same weight of yarn and needle size? i was just going to wing it and experiment! that might turn out badly though. if i want to do a really long line of stitches do i need one of those needles with the dangly bit on the end that connects to another needle (is it called a circular needle?)

tonpetiteoiseau said...

Yes if you want to knit a tube you can knit on a circular needle, but another option is just to knit a large rectangle that you can fold over and sew together to make a tube. My recommendation is just to experiment with whatever yarn you choose, the pattern is just an idea. Experiment with the amount of stitches you have to cast on in order to achieve the size of cowl you want, and then just go for it! The one good thing about knitting in the round with a circular needle is that you would never have to purl to make the one like Sveta's.

tonpetiteoiseau said...

yes this is a circular needle:

Also check out the videos on They always help me in a pinch!
(don't be scared by the advanced techniques title. you can do it!)

Stephanie said...

thanks for all your help! what size needles do you think i should get? i was looking at circular needles today and the biggest that they carried was 90. do you think that would be big enough to get the look that sveta's has?

Erica said...

Well 90cm would be very large in the round, but it should get the kind of drape like Sveta's.
I think a really good thick yarn to use would be Rowan Big Wool, I found a list of British Columbia stores:

or Lion Brand Thick and Quick. If you buy these wools a US size 13 circular needle would be the best.
If you have already bought some wool it will be great as well!

tonpetiteoiseau said...

That above comment is still me. This is the link:

Melissa said...

OMG Steph!!! I wished you had started up knitting a long time ago!! That way we could've met up for little knitting get-togethers!!!

Thomas said...

I just finished watching Heima, the Sigur Ros doc set in Iceland. Everyone is wearing thick sweaters, the kind my mom used to make in Montreal. Now I really, really want one again.

Stephanie said...

mel- I know! i can't wait to get my neckwarmer finished! isn't there a really good wool store in victoria? do you know any here that I should check out?