Wednesday, November 21, 2007


a lot of stores are having sales this weekend for american thanksgiving, and since i'm not supposed to be spending any money, i thought i would share some discounts with everyone, in case you didn't know.

kaight :smart, ethical and eco-friendly clothing: is offering 15% off november 23-25 when you enter "thanksgiving" as a coupon code. they have the high waisted :aoki: jeans that shalom harlow wore on the cover of domino magazine a few months back- they are super cute! (although the picture on the website isn't that great) they also carry ashley watson bags that are made from recycled leather jackets (vancouver designer!) and mociun's fantastic printed pieces.

creatures of comfort is offering 30% off on november 23 and 20% off november 24-25 (apc duffle coat and karen walker dress above)

la garconne is offering 20% off regular priced items on november 21 (today!) and 22 by entering thanks07 at checkout. (les prairies des paris cardigan and jerome dreyfuss bag shown above)

also, thanks to geraldine aka punk b. you can get 30% off at le train bleu by entering "birthday" at checkout (karen walker shirt above)

you know how they say :what you don't know won't hurt you?: well, i should really unsubscribe to all these websites because they are so tempting! if i didn't know what was new of if they were having a sale then i wouldn't want things!


e said...

have you received your Humanoid sweater yet?

30% off at Le Train Bleu is bad news for me! my recent shopping spree has ended, sadly.

Stephanie said...

i had it sent to my post box just across the border so i wouldn't have to pay for more expensive shipping (i hate paying for shipping!). i haven't picked it up yet. all these discounts are crazy! they always happen right after i buy something from them too! i got a mociun t-shirt from anica boutique and i think the very next day i got a coupon in my inbox for at least 20% off! yeesh.

Cher Ami said...

i love that karen walker shirt. I hate that they sell Lover on that dangerous haha :)