Friday, November 16, 2007

oh creatures of comfort, how you tempt me...

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i just got a fabulously tempting and drool-worthy update from one of my favourite stores i've never been to: creatures of comfort. it included a link to their entire yummy heart-palpatating collection of isabel marant pieces. aarrrggghhhh... can't wait to get to paris!!


tonpetiteoiseau said...

wow, I love that plaid dress with all my heart. yep, definitely tempting!

e said...

the isabel marant is so disgustingly good. i am in dire need of that corduroy skirt. it would be perfect for bicycling.

Stephanie said...

the plaid dress for sure! i think i am going to sew one for myself, along with a few pleated skirts similar to the isabel marant one. skirts like that are so easy to draft and sew, i would be a fool not to make some!