Tuesday, November 27, 2007



today i happened to be down by jon's work so we had lunch together and checked out the new marimekko store that just opened up in yaletown. dream! tons of fabric, towels, clothing, bags, etc. i had to get these two mugs because we don't have any mugs and i want to make hot chocolate! i want a set of six eventually, and i love the handle-less cups too. i really want to upholster something now too!

marimekko - 1233 hamilton st.


tonpetiteoiseau said...

I am so jealous! I read about the Marimekko store opening in the Globe and Mail. I love the yetish polar bear mug!

Stephanie said...

i love the polar bear too! my boyfriend had to stop me from buying the matching polar bear bed sheets and pillows! haha! i can't wait to figure out a project to use some of the beautiful printed fabric.

Jessica said...

fantastic and adorable little cups. thank you for sharing!