Friday, November 23, 2007

k. jacques

i was doing more research on paris and found sophia coppola's guide to paris from the new york times and i am sooo happy i did! she shares with us k. jacques, a brand of traditional leather sandals originating in st. tropez in 1933. they make THE most perfect leather sandals in every style you could possibly want. simple, traditional, minimal. there are at least three pairs i am considering when i visit their store in paris. more digging revealed that they are sold at places like saks, net-a-porter and the like, but they are new to me.

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jenny said...

oh man, i would love to own some of those sandals. i saw some k. jacques sandals in lucky a few years ago, and i could not track them down anywhere! good for you that you get to go to the store and see them for yourself!