Tuesday, November 13, 2007

japanese fabric store

record number of posts today, i know! i couldn't resist posting about this japanese fabric/notions store :linnet: who specializes in beautiful linen fabrics and other notions. (seen at wiksten-made) speaking of japan, jon was talking about going to tokyo next year! i have always always wanted to go. i will have to start saving after paris because i will lose my mind there for sure.


tonpetiteoiseau said...

That plaid linen would make an excellent dress like the one from Creatures of Comfort. I just thought I'd let you know I think your blog is really inspiring. When do you go to Paris? Is it soon? You are so lucky!

Stephanie said...

yes, i was thinking about this plaid linen after i saw that dress! i am going to try and find some locally, because i think it is quite expensive. thanks for reading! i never know if anyone reads my blog or not. i go to paris in december for about a week. i am very excited :)

tonpetiteoiseau said...

Oh I definitely read your blog, everyday! I know I sometimes feel that way too. I hope that sometimes people are just too shy to comment but read it anyways. Yeah that plaid linen does look expensive. Also I think you have a great eye for things which is why I keep coming back to check for new posts full of inspiration!