Sunday, October 28, 2007

penny pinching

the other night while checking out some blogs and web stores is dawned on me how crazy i am going to be shopping in paris. clothing wise, between apc, vanessa bruno, isabel marant, comptoir des cotonniers, zadig et voltaire, agnes b, and hopefully the new paris uniqlo (if it's open on time) i'm really going to go mad. i don't want any regrets when i get home or wishing i bought something that i didn't. i will have to bring an empty suitcase for sure. this also means i will have to exercise some serious restraint from now until christmas. that means none of the following will be purchased by me :(

isabel marant dress

rachel comey top and dress

iro leather jacket

rachel comey boots

thuy dress

iro silk top, rachel comey skirt, thuy belt

roberto collina top

humanoid sweater

everything i won't be buying is from impulse

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e said...

sounds like we have the same problem...